Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Boyfriend Jeans

Me and my sister decided to go out after the bad storm yesterday. Thank God we're safe! The rain ruined my plans to go out with friends yesterday so when my sister asked me to go with her, i immediately said yes and wore this boyfriend jeans. It's so comfy i usually wear it if i don't know what to wear. It still has style even though I didn't put too much effort on it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My little white dress

Hey there. im here again to post another ootd . Yey! im excited haha 
Wearing a cute little white dress that i got from a vintage shop! this actually cost 80php! Can you believe that?! i was really amazed when i saw the pretty lace and pearl detail that  i immediately bought it without hesitation. See you dont need to spend a lot just to snag a cute descent outfit and still look good :) And then i also wore these cute Karazapatos sandals i got online. My Tomato watch. a pearl earring that matches the pearl button detail  on my dress and a purple bag i bought in Divisoria.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh La La

I've been wanting to do a new OOTD post but i just don't have the time due to conflict with 
my photographer's (my sister!) work sched, lol, and mine. (*sob) Anyway here's a Throwback OOTD that I had months ago, A statement crop top I got from one of the online shops in Instagram. A pre-loved bandage skirt , which I also got from Instagram (one of my favorite piece in my closet), and a pair of black wedges bought in a thrift store. finds cheap indeed. Hope you guys like it. any reactions or if you want us to follow each other, just leave me a comment down below! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Princess in Distress ♛

Feeling princessy  with this off shoulder dress, my silver colored flats and flower crown. There's just one lacking in this picture, My Prince. When will you ever find me?  ♥

Bluer than blue ツ

Blue origami skort with denim vest :) I'm so into clothes and styling now. Just a fashion model/blogger wannabe (haha) but don't care. I'll do whatever I want and I'll stop caring about what people think. ;)

Never stop loving Hello Kitty ツ

I am a self confessed hello kitty junkie! im inlove with it since I can not remember when. if there's something constant in my life it would be HK! Thats why when I saw this cutie patootie suit in one of the online shops in Instagram, did not hesitate to purchase it right away. you'll probably see more of HK here on my blog. :)

Lace and flipflops ツ

People nowadays are so into lace so I thought of posting my version of it. haha  Why Paired it with flipflops? I just love the color and it matched the color of my lace top. :) Summer Vibe it is, sorry just can not get over it. : D  Taken and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife,  always been Fascinated with nature and its just near my place so I decided to do my OOTD here. Staring at how the trees dance with the wind makes me feel at ease. 

First Ever Entry ツ

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